Balancing Work and Life

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How do solopreneurs do it all? How do they manage to work full time and have time for themselves, family and friends? We have all heard the expression “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Everyone needs a certain amount of relaxation. We all know that it is not good to work all of the time and we all need a good balance between work and play. gives an example of the word balance: “In these hurried times it’s getting harder and harder to balance work, family and technology.”

Creating that balance is something that can be done by adopting a few essential strategies. It is always easier said than done and really requires you to be adaptable. Here are 10 tips:

  1. Be flexible. Know that there may be times when either work or your personal life requires more attention than the other. Leave room in your schedule to allow a little flexibility, just in case.
  2. Balance your workload. As solopreneurs, we tend to want to commit to all of the business that comes our way at any given time, and, it all seems to come at the same time. You want take on as much as you know you can handle or know that you have a team ready to delegate to.
  3. Delegate. You need to know who you can call upon when you need to and who has a skill set(s) that is compatible with your needs. Delegating does not have to be only for work. You can also delegate personal tasks.
  4. Prioritize. There are going to be times when you cannot get everything done at both home and work. Make sure you prioritize your task list. This will ensure that the most important ones are done first. You can always catch up on the less important tasks later.
  5. Disconnect on a regular basis. It is important to take time off. We all feel that we will miss something of importance if we are not connected. That once in a lifetime email will wait until you reconnect. Taking time away from work recharges you; it will refresh you and make you all that more productive when you reconnect.
  6. Organize your schedule. Plan enough time for your work tasks and your personal interests. Manage your time and ensure that you make time for both.
  7. Track your time. For one or two weeks, track how you spend your time. Are you spending time on things that do not matter to you? Are you doing things that can be delegated so that your time can be better spent? Take a good look on what you can do to improve how you use your time.
  8. Focus on one thing at a time.  You may find you get more done if you concentrate on one thing at a time. Focus solely on what you are doing. Set your boundaries for family and work and keep them separate.
  9. Exercise. Adding activity to your life makes you more productive. Exercising relieves stress and clears your mind. It also gives you more energy to accomplish your daily tasks at work and home.
  10. It is okay to say “no”. Before taking on more requests or tasks, make sure that they fit into your schedule and if they do not, see if you can delegate them. If not, then rather than overwhelming yourself, say no.

Do you have any suggestions to share on how to balance life and work? Anything in particular that works for you? We would love to hear from you. Either leave a comment here or feel free to contact us.