customer service

Improving Customer Service in your Business

We all know that providing quality customer service is crucial for the long term survival of your company. Going the extra mile for your customers will keep them loyal to you. Meeting the ever increasing demands of your customers and staying competitive means you need to constantly strive to improve your customer service.

Here are a few tips that are virtually guaranteed to lead to increased customer satisfaction:1. Speedy response times
Have you ever sent an e-mail to a company and not had a response or waited several days for a response? There’s nothing as frustrating as either not receiving a response to your query or it taking too long to receive an acknowledgement of your email. When it comes to response times, faster is always better, and that goes for both phone and e-mail. Do not sacrifice quality in order to respond quickly. Make sure to respond and if unable to provide a quality answer, acknowledge the
receipt of the e-mail and provide a turnaround time to your customer.

2. Collect feedback and act on it
The best way to learn more about what customers think is to ask them, for example through a survey. It is important, when doing this, to look at the data objectively. Never take any of the feedback or criticism personally. It’s also important to keep an open mind.

3. Simplify processes
Try to have all of your processes as easy and straightforward as possible. Human contact is the best strategy; having your customers in direct contact with a customer service representative is a way to ensure customer satisfaction.

4. Create routines for common issues
In most companies there are always a number of issues that come up again and again. One of the keys to great customer service is recognizing these issues and creating efficient routines to deal with them in the best and fastest possible manner.

5. Exceed expectations
Most customers expect a basic level of service from a company they’re doing business with. Going above and beyond this level will impress customers. Providing excellent customer service will have your customers come back to do more business with you and they will also recommend your company to all of their friends and family.