Selecting the Right Social Media Platform 

It’s almost unheard of today for a business not have an ‘online presence’. However, how do you know which platform will best suit your needs, and maximize your target audience?


Simply put, Facebook is a must for every business and professonal. It is the largest social platform in the world, giving them a power others strive form. Facebook is becoming the new age Google, where users turn to search for services, products, and reviews.

Key Point: Facebook provides businesses the ability to create digital advertising within any budget.


Being owned by Facebook, Instagram integrates extremely well. Making it an excellent tool to use if your business is built around a visual or physical product. Allowing you to build and share a visual story of your brand. Instagram allows you to search with the use of hashtags, so remember to add relevant hashtags to your posts to expand your audience.

Key Point: Instagram is all visual, look to upload high quality images and videos to help make you stand apart from other users.


Twitter is for those looking to share their quick thoughts, trending topics, and communicate with others with varying opinions. Similar to Instagram twitter functions better when you include a couple hashtags within your post.

Key Point: Twitter is a fast paced platform, to best unlock all it’s potential post a couple times throughout the day. 


Even with multiple video hosting platforms available today, YouTube still sits as the #1 spot for users to upload their content. Due to several factors.

#1. The sheer amount of traffic YouTube has outweighs others

#2. YouTube is free for anyone to create an account and upload content without any restrictions on video length.

Key Point: Make sure your videos highlight your service/product in a way that’s unforgettable, so that it stands out amongst others content. 


Nicknamed the ‘Professional’ sibling of Facebook, LinkedIn provides a great community for businesses and professionals. It is more of a ‘social network’ than it is ‘social platform’ so remember you’re there to build relationships with people who may eventually turn to your services.

Key Point: LinkedIn is great to build your social network, get involved within their groups and remember to share any of your articles/blogs to showcase your knowledge and services.

Trying to be on all platforms efficiently would take a lot of your time with little results, instead choose a couple that best suit your needs and focus on them.  Creating your ‘online presence’ will only work if you maintain consistency.

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