Finding your Rockstar VA Team

We see them pretty regularly….FB posts in the various groups and job boards that simply say “I need a VA. Send me a message.” Or “Can anyone recommend a good VA?”

Within a few short minutes – you’ll either see a flock of potential candidates drop links to their pages, add comments such as “Sent PM”, or other group members are tagging friends and colleagues they feel would be appropriate. Depending on the group’s size – that poor soul could theoretically receive hundreds of direct messages, emails and friend requests – and they still haven’t even disclosed exactly what it was they were looking for. It’s no wonder so many say, “finding a VA is next to impossible”. But it’s not – or at least it doesn’t have to be.

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions is that Virtual Assistant is a job title. In our opinion, “VA” permanently stopped being a title when SIRI was introduced in 2011.
You can outsource everything from assistant-type tasks like calendar and email management, through to the other end of the spectrum and bring in an OBM for the day-to-day operations in your business, a Project Manager to make sure all client & internal projects are kept on track, or a marketing strategist to get your marketing efforts on track. Then there are graphic designers, bookkeepers, video editors, and social media managers – just to name a few. You just likely won’t find all these skills in one single person as sadly, the “Unicorn” is still very much a myth.

You simply cannot be the “master of everything” – if you could – you yourself likely wouldn’t be considering bringing on help. And one of the biggest things that is often overlooked when outsourcing are the relevant labour and tax laws. An employee is treated very differently from a Contractor, and to have one person with ALL of these skillsets – in most cases per the taxman, they’d have to be hired on as an employee.

One of the first steps when considering getting help is to determine your needs. “What CAN you outsource?” However, the bigger and more important question is: “What makes the most financial sense to outsource (or DELLAGATE)?” By DELLAGATE we mean, outsourcing the things that you
a) don’t like to do,
b) don’t want to do, or
c) will bring you the most return on your investment, and add to your overall bottom line.

How is your time best spent? 

Opt in today to get your copy of our DELLAGATION Checklist here, or contact us for a free consultation, we’d love to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.

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