Book Reviews for Self-Published Authors

Times have changed for authors. Traditionally authors would mail copies of their books to reviewers at newspapers and magazines and hope that they would receive a written review in exchange. There are many book bloggers online and many of them review books even though they are not paid. It is
important to get at least 25 reviews prior to launch. Potential buyers read reviews before deciding to
purchase a book. The reviews help build a potential reader’s confidence and help with your listing on
sites like Amazon.

Have a mobi version or ePub ready to be sent to those who agree to review your book. A few
suggestions on where to find free reviews:
1. Ask friends and family and social media contacts to read your book and review it.
2. Find authors who have written similar books to yours and check out who has written reviews for
their books. Chances are, if they have reviewed a book of the same genre, they will be
interested in reviewing your book. You may have to do some extra research as not all of their
email addresses appear on their page. It may just have their website which you can go to find
out how to contact the reviewer. Once you have their email address, send them a personalized
email and let them know that you saw that they reviewed another author’s book, which is
similar to yours, and ask if they be interested in reviewing your book.
3. Midwest Book Review have volunteer reviewers whose reviews are run the monthly in the
Reviewer’s Bookwatch.

Many professional review option for Indie authors are paid services.

Professional review options for Indie authors vary – many are paid services.

One that most people are familiar with is Kirkus Indie. You are guaranteed to get a review although it
may not be the one you were hoping for. You can choose to publish your review or if it is a negative
review, you can request not to have it published on Kirkus Indie. It is expensive with Traditional Reviews starting at USD 425.

These are just a few suggestions and you can always find more by searching on the Internet for Book
Reviews for Indie Authors.

If you have any suggestions for other Indie Authors, we welcome your comments and suggestions

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