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I am Candy Sugarman with Play Big Online Marketing and I had the pleasure of working with Della of DELLAGATE on a long-term project, approximately seven months, and I consider her my extra brain. She was able to keep all the information, that I couldn’t keep in my head, absolutely straight. We met almost daily because of the intensity of the project and she was, without fail, always enthusiastic, always on time, always professional, always knew what had needed to be done and how to do it. And those things that we discussed and needed to happen, they happened, and I know that the success of that particular project was based on having Della on my team. I am always looking forward to other projects that I can bring her in on and work with because she is an amazing person. If you have a project, if you need someone who is very professional, someone who is going to do things that they say they are going to do and do them on time, and be a professional throughout the entire thing. If you need an extra brain to keep all that information from just flowing away and nobody ever actually doing anything on it, she is the person that you want to hire. I honestly can’t say enough about Della.

Who you are

You are an organization, association or a business who does not have the time to communicate with everyone who sends an email or leaves a phone message for support. You just can’t keep up with everything. You need help to handle it all and want to make sure everything is followed up on. If this describes who you are now, then we can help and would be happy to discuss establishing a collaborative relationship with you. DELLAGATE your customer service to us.  

Who we are

We treat your organization, association and/or business as if it were our own. We know how important customer service is for each and every business, big or small. We want to represent every one of our clients with great customer service so that your customers associate your business with positive feelings. We go that extra mile for your customers/members to ensure that they are happy with the service and/or product that they have purchased from you. We are the face of your business and want people to know that we are always available to help them. We want them to be comfortable enough to reach out to us for help whenever they need to. Being at the forefront of your business, we represent you and want the best for you and your customers/members. Excellent customer service is what your customers/members will remember. We take the time to learn your services and/or products in order to address the customers’ questions. We build their trust by responding quickly and following up to ensure that they have what they need. And, if we do not have an answer, we let them know that we are researching it and will get back to them as soon as we have the answer. We do our very best to make every interaction with your customers/members pleasurable so that they are happy with the service and will return time and time again for the service and/or product you are offering and will recommend your business to others. DELLAGATE your customer service to us.