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Della created a database to capture four hundred records for a class action settlement negotiated by the Automobile Protection Association. I was very pleased with the results, and found Della to be super precise, efficient and utterly reliable. The data Della prepared was forwarded to a trust administrator appointed to handle the disbursement of refunds to consumers who complimented the APA for the work. I recommend DELLAGATE highly!
George Iny
President, Automobile Protection Association

I have worked with Della over 15 years and have observed her in working in a diverse range of projects, in project teams and in situations where she carried individual responsibility. Della has a keen sense of detail, excels at organization, and is committed to delivering results. I always her appreciated her ability to balance focus on the task at hand while maintaining her equanimity with her colleagues, superiors and subordinates. This quality was most important when Della had to vet suppliers in order to achieve optimal results; she was also able to build strong working relations with a network of vendors that gave our company a range of options over time. Above all, it is a pleasure to work with her.
Roger Korman PhD
President, DMD Connects


When do know that you need a Virtual Assistant?

You probably don’t! I didn’t. At the time, I was a Solepreneur of an auctioneer business wearing all the hats in a mainly male dominated  business, that is generally family owned. I started the business when I was working full time.  Once the business had grown to a full time business, there were many jobs on the schedule that I did not have enough hours in a day to complete.  So I posted on Facebook, “I need a wife”, and Della Bercovitch of DELLAGATE replied “I can do that.”   To qualify why I said “I needed a wife” is that most auctioneers are male and their wives are an intricate part of the operation.

This was the start of a five year business relationship with Della Bercovitch as my virtual assistant.  Della is a virtual entrepreneur partner, much more that an employee or an assistant; she is a true business asset. I had originally met her at a networking meeting, where she recognized that I was perspective client even if I didn’t know it at the time. She followed my career and when I expressed a need she ceased the opportunity and I am so glad she did.

I am a one woman business and at times I needed a sounding board. I needed to assign tasks that either I was not capable of doing, or assign them to someone else: DELLAGATE. I needed someone to be objective about my business and provide me with feedback. Della was the go to person for me and for my business.

She was a quick study, learning everything she could about the auction industry and how I operated.  She implemented procedures and documents to enhance our operation to work smarter not harder. I never had to worry or check on the tasks she took on, they were always done on time and with professionalism. She could easily have been a Diplomat’s wife as she was very diplomatic in even the most sensitive matters.  

She knew me better that I knew myself and quickly recognized my strengths in the business and funneled my energies in the most appropriate directions. She kept me on task which made my productivity rise.

The services I provide are time sensitive and I could always count on Della. I trusted her with my business, and even with aspects of my personal life: passwords, signing authority, family matters.  Della is non-judgmental, flexible, adaptable, hard working, dedicated, and committed to her client.  

I highly recommend the services of Della Bercovitch, DELLAGATE , remote office management and would be happy to entertain a private inquiry. I can be reached at or 613-933-7672

Theresa Taylor
Theresa Taylor Auctioneering


I had the privilege of Della working for me for several years. She is detail oriented and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. She was always ready to take on the next project and her loyalty is something lost in today’s business world. I would recommend Della as a project manager to anyone asking.
Nathan Kievman
CEO, Linked Strategies


Dear Della,

We had already worked together in the past on various projects. You handled a very large dossier for me overseeing the creation of a database, formatting documents and following up in customer service. When I contacted your new company DELLAGATE I did so with the utmost confidence in your abilities! Once again you quickly understood what I needed and took over, finishing the project well within the tight deadline I gave you .Your finished product was perfect and your sense of organization was evident. I was most pleased with the patience you demonstrated   in explaining various details to me. You can be sure that I will call DELLAGATE in the near future to allow you to do what you do best while I work on cultivating my business.
Thank you for a job well done.
Adelia Bensoussan
HTTT, V.P. Marketing

I have worked with Della at DELLAGATE on several projects for my private psychotherapy practice in Toronto, and plan to continue to do so.   The advantage of virtual assistance is wonderful. I am a one-person business and my discovery of DELLAGATE has helped me tremendously. I find Della to be totally approachable and no job is too small. She is very pleasant and gives her utmost attention to detail with great patience.  Recently, Della helped me develop a flyer ,for a group that I was facilitating,  to circulate to clients and colleagues. The end product had a very professional and eye-catching quality. I could never have done it on my own to such a high standard. That flyer has gotten a lot of interest and it has helped to populate my group. Thank you, Della. It is nice to know that you are out there in my court.
Margot Snow Feferman, B.A., M.S.W., R.S.W.

DELLAGATE is fast, efficient, helpful, professional, courteous, and offers a valuable service. I highly recommend DELLAGATE. As my business grows and succeeds, DELLAGATE will certainly be an ongoing contributor to that success.
Heather Murray
Cluster Web Design