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A virtual assistant like Della, she is basically a partner or more than a partner and I would say that the one big word that comes to mind when I think about her and the way she works is TRUST. I absolutely trust her with money, with absolutely everything. She never forgets, she anticipates. Many times she did stuff for me which I didn't even think about. I was about to tell her and it was already done. It was a dream!

Della is more than a partner. I trust her implicitly.

Decrease Your Workload
Increase Your Revenue
DELLAGATE and Prosper!
Are you concerned about your group membership decreasing due to lack of communication? Are you anxious because you Don’t have time to communicate with each group member who sends an email for support? Are you at the point where you simply Can’t keep up with everything?

You need to get some HELP! You NEED to DELLAGATE!  We can help!

Keep your membership engaged

Ensure that every support issue is addressed promptly

Members will feel the human touch

Are your big plans on the back burner? Do you find that you just don’t have the time to implement all those awesome projects that you dreamed of?


We can help with all of that. We can handle customer support.  We can follow up on technical support issues and make sure that payments are being successfully processed.  We can ensure that you have your monthly webinars are organized and filled with fabulous guest speakers and droves of participants. We can arrange for the webinars to be recorded and edited and then you can post them on your website as Evergreen. Would you like to repurpose your recorded video? We can help with that as well. Once your membership is used to having one contact person and excellent support, wouldn’t you LOVE to:

Take a day off without worrying about a thing?

Take a vacation and stay UNPLUGGED?

Occasionally stay in bed knowing that you’re making money while you sleep?

IMAGINE what it would be like to have the anxiety eliminated so that you can do what you do best and focus on your priorities. IMAGINE being confident that everything will get done on time, quickly and efficiently. IMAGINE being relaxed and having full confidence that everything behind the scenes is being looked after and you do not have to worry, just focus on your priorities.

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